Wallet Studio

Wallet Studio enables Automated Communication Processes with Digital Wallets

It’s easier to get started.

Discover plug and play solutions that already have all the features of a successful wallet pass project for your specific use case needs.
Editing is fast, intuitive, and allows you to create a highly customized project while making use of best practices.

Pass editing made easy.

What you see is what it is! Easily edit designs, content and data models on our intuitive pass editors for Apple Wallet passes and Google Wallet passes and publish with just the press of a button.

Edit once. Share everywhere.

Our integrated distribution tools allow you to make use of all the possibilities of wallet pass distribution. The project specific APIs let you easily test and integrate your custom-made solution so you can use the full extent of your existing ecosystem.

Boost engagement with custom messages.

Send you users individualized push messages with content they are interested in and surprise them with added value that makes them feel cared for. Like individual weather warnings or case specific service updates.

Plan multiple campaigns on one timeline.

Your users deserve to receive engaging content according to their own preferences and the needs of the target audience. Plan and manage your entire content in one simple interface.


Elevate your individual projects and scale the use of wallet solutions in your company with Wallet Studio's powerful features for building engaging, user-friendly experiences with minimal effort.

Customize engaging content triggered by user interaction.

React to your users specific needs and actions by sending them the right message at the right time and update the information on their card accordingly.

Take the guesswork out of design conformity.

Don’t bother your brand department on a weekly basis. CD-Design Templates for web interfaces and pass designs ensure brand compliance and reduce unnecessary costs.

Maximize value with tailored campaign insights

Understand at-a-glance how your project and your campaigns are performing.

Get to know your users: It’s fine, you can just ask them.

Data enrichments are easy if you make data entry super accessible for your users. Our wallet pass solutions allow data flows in all directions.


reduction of service calls


insurance companies use Wallet Studio


of users over 50 love the solution


would recommend the solution to others


download conversion despite legal consent


of users click on links in the passport with strong CTAs


total conversion of insurance cards in email campaigns


weeks from kick-off to going live

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