Agency sales in the digital age


digital Flyer

Churn in online stretches

Personal contact with the local agency remains the most important sales channel in the insurance industry. Online packaging faces a considerable hurdle here: The regional assignment of a lead alone requires personal information that hardly any prospective customer provides voluntarily at the first click.

The product pass

In an innovation project together with RheinLand Versicherungs AG, we connect the online and offline worlds with a smart lead nurturing jouney.

Based on minimal initial information, interested parties receive a digital map with the configured offer, which automatically and successively sharpens and queries product interests. And they do so without having to provide any personal data.

First dates, then marriage

In the customer's device, the automatic lead nurturing route begins immediately after downloading.

Agencies on site get access to relevant prospect passports and can communicate appointment setting and offer - even without providing contact data. Under the motto "first data, then marry", prospects from digital channels enjoy individual advice and become customers.