The Audi emergency service card


Service card

Problem: unnecessary 2nd calls

Recalls from unsettled customers cost Audi's emergency service staff an average of 14 minutes per call. In peak times in particular, there are also a large number of operational problems, and service employees suffer from the inability to cope with the load.

Solution: The emergency service pass

Users receive an emergency service passport via SMS on the smartphone from which they are calling at the moment of reporting the damage by phone.

This service card receives regular updates via push notification throughout the service process. Digital self-service channels are displayed on the map and users can complete the process independently with one click and then rate the experience.

Success: massive cost reduction

With our emergency service passes and a clever application of our case management, we were able to almost completely avoid these callbacks, thereby significantly reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Because in stressful situations, customers want first and foremost to be kept permanently up to date and to feel that their individual process has also received individual attention.