Digital business cards for agents


Business card

HUK Coburg has recognized this: A permanent digital connection between agency or agent:in holds many advantages

  • Environmentally friendly: By using digital business cards, fewer physical cards are needed, reducing paper consumption and environmental impact.
  • Updateable: Digital business cards can be easily updated, so contact information is always current without the need to print new cards.
  • Permanent: even if changes are made, existing contacts are retained and updated automatically - so customers can reliably reach their agent with just one click.
  • Easy access: The business card is always at hand because it is stored in your Mobile Wallet and can be shared quickly and easily when needed.
  • Efficient contacting: Recipients can save the digital business cards directly and do not have to enter the information manually, which increases the likelihood that they will actually make contact.
  • Interactivity: Digital business cards can include interactive elements such as links to social media, a website, or other relevant resources, which facilitates networking and adds value.
  • Adaptable: Design and the information on the digital business card can be easily customized at any time if needed. This keeps the information up to date.
  • Cost-effective: Because there are no printing costs, digital business cards are more cost-effective in the long run, especially if changes are made frequently or larger quantities are needed.
  • Virus protection: In times of pandemics, a digital business card offers a contactless way to share your contact information and reduce the spread of viruses.